A Macro View of Healthcare: Innovate

Payers are facing accelerating, unsustainable healthcare costs – and with restrictive budgets, it’s difficult to innovate and control costs. There are thousands of point solutions and digital health vendors trying to help solve pieces of these challenges, which can seem overwhelming. There isn’t a one-time action that will resolve these challenges, it requires ongoing network and vendor optimization.

The Innovate component of the MacroHealth Intelligent ExchangeTM (MiX) platform enables healthcare payers to continuously identify savings opportunities and leverage those savings to reinvest in your business growth. To innovate potential revenue channels. Innovate potential revenue models. Innovate in a way that was never possible in the healthcare industry before.

Watch our short video, The Macro View of Healthcare: Innovate, and discover the data-backed features of the MiX platform that enable you to innovate, such as:

  • Constant monitoring for opportunities to drive down your total cost of care using real time data combined with predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Machine learning, advanced analytic algorithms that identify patterns and trends to help you further optimize your healthcare spend
  • Real-time data insights to help you identify new opportunities for savings and re-investment

Speak to our industry experts today to discover how you can leverage actionable, real-time data insights through the MiX platform to gain a competitive edge and grow your business.