A Macro View of Healthcare: Optimize

Identifying the optimal combination of provider networks and health solutions partners for your member population is a time-consuming, arduous process. Not only that, but after all the work is done, there are still likely uncharted options you wish you could have explored. The Optimize component of the MacroHealth Intelligent ExchangeTM (MiX) platform gives you a bigger picture of your opportunities, faster and easier than ever before.

Watch our short video, A Macro View of Healthcare: Optimize, to learn how it works and how easy it is to get your results. Simply:

  • Upload your historical claims data and the platform will analyze it
  • MacroHealth will benchmark and reprice claims under a variety of provider network and health solutions partners
  • Your information is then run through our proprietary algorithms
  • Get your results – and explore all the cost-saving options

Over 2.8 million commercial members are currently served through our platform, speak to our industry experts today to learn how you can add yours into to the MiX!