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We Owe HealthOps Professionals a Major Technology Upgrade

September 8, 2022|

Doctors, nurses and other clinical healthcare professionals are heroes – and they are enabled to do their heroic work by the individuals in healthcare finance, operations and administration. At MacroHealth, we respectfully call the business professionals in [...]

The Provider Supply Chain: The Foundation of Health Insurance and Benefits

July 21, 2022|

If you are a healthcare Payer or Plan Sponsor, then you are in the business of managing a complex, sprawling, and critically important Provider Supply Chain. A supply chain is the network between a company and [...]

Should Your Organization Optimize Healthcare Spending Before a Potential Economic Downturn?

May 26, 2022|

Healthcare leaders that are responsible for buying healthcare at scale for members or employees are continually challenged with prioritizing investments to improve their organizations. There is a constant effort to choose and prioritize what feels like [...]

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