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In today’s industry landscape, thousands of Payers are forced to evaluate between 1.8 million potential sites of care and 11 thousand provider networks, point solutions and other Health Market Partners. With countless options to consider, how do you choose the combination that best suits your needs?

Leverage the power of a marketplace to unlock a unique healthcare experience that is optimized and connected to deliver efficiency, ease, and competitive advantage.

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The Transformative Power of the MacroHealth Platform

MacroHealth’s Intelligent Health Market as a Service (IHMaaS) solution allows Payers to optimize and seamlessly connect to their entire ecosystem of providers, networks and health solutions partners through one integrated platform – creating efficiency for buyers and new revenue opportunities for sellers. For the first time, the entire healthcare ecosystem gets a holistic view of real-time data, intelligence, and transparent pricing information, unlocking increased performance and better outcomes.

Our TechnologyOptimize, Connect and Innovate with the MacroHealth platform

As networks and health solutions partners compete for a Payer’s business, the MacroHealth Intelligent Exchange (MiX)™ platform delivers price transparency and meaningful analytics that help you confidently make optimized decisions – creating a marketplace where everybody wins.

  • Optimize

    Optimize gives you a bigger picture of your opportunities, faster and easier than ever before.

  • Connect

    Connect provides Payers with a single-point connection to their entire healthcare ecosystem, automating processes and significantly reducing implementation timelines.

  • Innovate

    Innovate enables healthcare Payers to continuously identify savings opportunities and leverage those savings to reinvest in business growth.

Experience the Power of a Marketplace for Payers

MacroHealth delivers healthcare Payers real-time solutions

Accelerate success with our first-of-its-kind IHMaaS platform. Guided by a transparent, data-driven, procurement and shopping experience, you get the bigger picture of your opportunities through the MiX platform, enabling you to confidently select the ideal Health Market Partners for your unique member populations – and find solutions that dramatically reduce costs.

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commercial members served


avg. reduction in customers’ annual healthcare spend


annual healthcare transaction flowing through our platform

Solutions that Fuel Growth for Health Market Partners

MacroHealth offers networks and other health solutions partners opportunities for growth and greater visibility

The MiX platform allows Health Market Partners, such as provider networks, specialty networks, out of network repricing solutions, payment integrity solutions, contract repricing solutions and others, to easily connect to a Payer, or multiple Payers, without investing additional resources. MacroHealth does the technological integrations for you, matching partners with new, potentially lucrative Payer relationships and seamlessly connecting the parties through the MiX platform.

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Gain Greater Exposure to Top-Tier Payers

Open an Efficient Channel to New Membership

Accelerate Speed to Revenue


“We approached MacroHealth for a simple solution to optimize our net profits and are pleased with the favorable results we have received for both gross and net savings. Also, their team is professional, responsive, and easy to work with. If you are looking to optimize your offerings, ask for MacroHealth, they deliver!”

– Valérie LocteauDirectrice Principale Assistance Médicale Voyage
Senior Director Travel Medical Assistance

“MacroHealth has helped UHA to offer a robust, high quality network of physicians and hospitals for our members while they are away from Hawaii. We are pleased to work together with MacroHealth in this effort to offer a simpler and easier experience to our members.”

– UHA Health Insurance

“MacroHealth’s actionable and real-time data gives Providence Health Plan a competitive edge with prospective member groups. Through our collaboration with MacroHealth, we’ve seen significant reductions to the level of effort needed to operationalize and connect to network and pricing solutions.”

– Brad GarriguesChief Growth Officer
Providence Health Plan

“MacroHealth is an easy company to work with. They have great people who understand our business and work collaboratively to help us achieve our goals. I highly recommend using MacroHealth for your savings needs in the US.”

– Taka KatsubeCost Management and Medical Assistance Director

“When we selected our new national network, Aetna Signature Administrators, it was critical that we find a partner like MacroHealth who could help us navigate the implementation process and necessary data exchanges. Throughout the implementation process, MacroHealth quickly surfaced, analyzed, and organized a complex and encompassing set of needed requirements. Their expertise helped us keep momentum and led to a smooth rollout. We’re pleased to welcome them as a long-term partner.”

– Tony Kopki Vice President of Commercial Programs
PacificSource Health Plans

MacroHealth in Motion

Watch our short video to discover how you can leverage actionable, real-time data insights through the MiX platform to gain a competitive edge and grow your business.

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