Solutions for Healthcare Provider Networks &
Specialty Networks

Become a MacroHealth Health Market Partner and gain a robust, reliable channel for new business. As a Health Market Partner, you can access and connect to Payers, including regional and provider-sponsored health plans, third party administrators and large self-insured employers – and the millions of commercial members they serve – directly through the MacroHealth Intelligent Exchange™ (MiX) platform.

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How We Benefit Health Market Partners

An Intelligent Health Market can unlock new opportunities for success by leveraging the power of data and a marketplace approach – enabling networks and other health solution partners to transform the way they access and connect to Payer ecosystems, while reducing the resource demand for new implementations.


Be at the right place at the right time for Payers

Being on the MiX platform means that when Payers are looking for new partners, you are first in line.


Easy integration with lower cost over time

After your first connection, each subsequent one is faster, easier, and requires fewer resources – saving on costs.


Go-live sooner & reduce resource demand

The MiX platform reduces your go-live time and increases your speed to market, improving Payer retention.

Who We Serve

Serving Provider Networks

Our healthcare technology solution gives provider networks access to health plan members that may have been inaccessible before. At the same time, Payers gain greater access to your high-quality network and other healthcare service offerings.

Serving Specialty Networks

We currently work as innovators and problem-solvers for more than a dozen partners in the healthcare industry that benefit from our data analytics, innovative technology capabilities, and extensive experience.

Serving Other Health Solutions Partners

In addition to provider and specialty networks, we also partner with a wide variety of healthcare industry solutions providers, such as out of network repricing solutions, payment integrity solutions, contract repricing solutions and more.


Membership Overview

Membership Overview

Access new opportunities and accelerate revenue

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Connectivity Overview

Connectivity Overview

Connect with new Payers seamlessly

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Implementation Overview

Implementation Overview

Increase your speed to market

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