Continuously innovate in
real time

The Innovate component of the MacroHealth Intelligent Exchange™ (MiX) platform enables healthcare payers to continuously identify savings opportunities and leverage those savings to reinvest in their business growth.

Continuous Innovation with MacroHealth

The MiX platform fuels additional innovation and growth through the savings it generates, enabling our customers to be more cost efficient, competitive and innovative. It also provides a window into opportunities that have been out of reach until now.

Leverage actionable, real-time data insights with MacroHealth’s robust analytics package

  • Foster Membership Growth

    The MiX platform facilitates new revenue models, expanded offerings to health plan members and collaboration with other market players, opening the door to new revenue channels.

  • Identify Additional Savings Opportunities

    Prescriptive analytics sense rising cost trends and provide insight into meaningful claim trends and patterns, enabling you to optimize network solutions.

  • Lower Healthcare Costs

    Constant monitoring for opportunities to drive down your total cost of care using real-time data combined with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

How MiX Drives Healthcare Innovation

Watch our short video, The Macro View of Healthcare: Innovate, and discover the data-backed features of the MiX platform that enable you to innovate.

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Leverage actionable, real-time data insights to gain a competitive edge and grow your business

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