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The MacroHealth Intelligent ExchangeTM (MiX) platform enables Payers to create and connect to their customized health marketplace ecosystems of preferred network organizations and health solutions partners. These Intelligent Health Markets deliver increasingly optimal levels of performance for cost, access and quality.

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MacroHealth Intelligent Exchange (MiX)

MacroHealth’s Intelligent Exchange platform is a first of its kind Intelligent Health Market as a Service (IHMaaS) platform that leverages data science and industry standard interoperability to create Intelligent Health Markets.

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Identify the Optimal Combination of Partners

Advanced data analytics, third-party benchmarking, and transparent pricing data allows Payers to select best-fit partners for their member population and business priorities

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Achieve Interoperability at Scale

Connect to your healthcare ecosystem with an easy and efficient, single-point connection, right through our platform, enabling interoperability at scale

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Insights in Real-Time

Through advanced AI and machine learning, the platform continuously monitors for trends and recommends specific ways to further optimize your healthcare spend

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Technology for Payers

In an Intelligent Health Market, Payers are able to proactively identify additional savings opportunities and leverage those savings to fuel innovation and growth within their organization.

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Technology for Networks & Health Solutions Providers

Our platform provides a marketplace experience for Payers to connect with provider networks and other health solutions providers, adhering to standards, protocols, data formats and transformations required by all parties.

Solutions for Health Market Partners

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Watch our short video to discover how you can leverage actionable, real-time data insights through the MiX platform to gain a competitive edge and grow your business.

Delivering Value to You and Each of Your Members

MacroHealth brings insights to Health Market Partners in the form of in-depth Payer discovery, surfacing Payer needs, pain points, strategic headwinds, and much more. Payers rely on MacroHealth to help them fuel innovation and growth, enabling them to be aware of issues and trends as they develop.

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annual OON claims volume analyzed and optimized


avg. reduction in customers’ annual healthcare spend


incremental annual net savings improvement

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Identify optimal networks and other Health Market Partners through the MiX platform to create your Intelligent Health Market

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Access your Intelligent Health Market through a single integration point

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Leverage actionable, real-time data insights to gain a competitive edge and grow your business

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Transform Your Business with the MiX Platform

Experience the power of the MacroHealth Intelligent Exchange platform with a demo. Discover how our approach maximizes Health Market Partner participants, considers your operational requirements, and offers favorable contract terms and pricing. Unlock the benefits of our diverse partner options and tailored solutions for your business.

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