Our story began with a daunting problem. Our entrepreneurs are finding ways to solve it.

Our story began with a daunting problem. Our entrepreneurs are finding ways to solve it.

MacroHealth tackles the most confounding challenges in healthcare today.

Our story began with a daunting problem. Our entrepreneurs are finding ways to solve it.

Our story began with a daunting problem. Our entrepreneurs are finding ways to solve it.

MacroHealth tackles the most confounding challenges in healthcare today.

Our mission is to make buying and selling healthcare services simple and powerful.

MacroHealth’s technology experts, data scientists, and healthcare professionals have built a groundbreaking Platform to help our customers thrive in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Inspired by our entrepreneurial leaders with more than 100 years of collective experience, we work with our customers—and sit at the decision-making table—to help them successfully navigate the complex U.S. healthcare environment.

Our Values

How we work is as important as what we do. Our values fuel the way we work, both internally and externally.

Our Values

How we work is as important as what we do. Our values fuel the way we work, both internally and externally.

Our Team

Meet some of the innovators and collaborators who are helping Payers create their own Intelligent Health Markets™ and revolutionize healthcare purchasing. What inspired them to become part of the MacroHealth team? Select any of our leaders to find out why they joined.

Aaron Flint

Director of Customer Engineering

Providing data analytics and key insights into the ever-evolving healthcare landscape

Aarti Karamchandani

Chief Growth Officer

I am passionate about transforming healthcare to reduce costs and improve outcomes using innovative technologies, data-driven insights, and collaboration across the industry

Barb Timian

Director of Finance and Accounting

I aligned with MacroHealth’s values and vision and believe that we’re building the future solution to healthcare cost containment strategies

Barry Tipka

Senior Director of Sales - Central
After understanding the value prop that MacroHealth offers, it was a no brainer to join the team.  Having the opportunity to work with Payers to actually lower healthcare costs is invigorating.

Dan Cochran

Senior Director of Sales - West

After meeting with the team, I knew MacroHealth was unique. Not only did they have a strategic vision for the company, but they were laser focused on executing and delivering results for their customers!  This is a high impact company!

David Angelone

Chief Commercial Officer

I wanted to leverage industry expertise, data analytics, and innovative technology to reduce healthcare spending and ultimately create a healthier healthcare system.

Deb Pellechia

Implementation Manager
Using my healthcare experience to make a positive impact in an organization focusing on reducing healthcare costs was the right career move for me, and I haven’t looked back!

Dipock Das

Head of Products

The opportunity to build healthcare solutions that help our clients create their own Intelligent Health Market that provides better outcomes for their business and ultimately their customers.

Fed Preuss

General Counsel
I was excited for the opportunity to be able to leverage my past experience in a meaningful way and join a flexible and nimble company like MacroHealth to help to disrupt the healthcare market.

Gordon Cepuran

Director of Solutions Engineering

It’s so rewarding to have a front row seat to help drive cost containment and savings for our clients.

Iman Makeremi

Lead Data Scientist
At the core of MacroHealth’s mission lies an incredible data problem solving, resulting in a tremendous impact on the American healthcare system through reducing the otherwise ever-increasing costs of healthcare. I’m here to solve that problem.

Joyce Yang

Senior Recruiter
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with such a group of friendly, inclusive, fun and passionate people and working together to create an innovative platform to better the health care industry!

Kyle Mumley

Senior Director of Sales - East

I’m energized to be a part of a dynamic organization that is directly impacting the cost of care and how healthcare is purchased.

Mary Lee Picatti

Business Portfolio Manager
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with such a talented (and fun!) group of people – all working hard to help reduce U.S. healthcare costs!

Matt Thorne

Chief Financial Officer
I wanted to leverage my prior experience in healthcare technology companies to create a positive impact for individuals and companies operating in the U.S. healthcare market.

May Lim

I aligned with MacroHealth’s core values and continue to be impressed and inspired by getting to work with such a talented team of MacroMates.

Michel Labelle

Director of Infrastructure Technology
I was attracted by the opportunity to effectuate real and immediate change, by working with a small team whose ambition is enabling real and substantive health opportunities for millions people.

Nick Karakos

Director of Business Operations
Working with the smartest people in the healthcare industry to solve the trickiest problem: the cost of care.

Nicole Hall

Head of Sales - International/Travel
I am excited to be part of a team that has revolutionized the way in which Payers can customize and optimize their network strategy, using data to drive their solution.

Sahar Kanani

Director of Program Management
We are bringing optimization, connectivity, and growth in a truly special way to an industry that has been craving it for a very long time. It’s extremely rewarding to be part of such an exciting and impactful journey.

Sam Crumley

Chief Human Resources Officer
Making an impact on healthcare costs by building and growing a skilled and engaged team.

Sheri Morita

Senior Product Manager
MacroHealth has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with amazing, talented people to solve a challenging, meaningful problem. I’m having the time of my life!

Steve Suter

Chief Operating Officer
The ability to have my hand on the wheel to help steer a team who is truly addressing healthcare costs was an absolute magnet for me!

Terrie Deidesheimer

Head of Customer Success

Because my work here will directly help reduce US healthcare costs. When that happens, everyone has greater access to this basic need.

Terry Coughlin

Director of Strategic Partnerships
MacroHealth offers an opportunity to collaborate with a diverse (and fun!) group of passionately curious and super smart people to tackle an enormous problem: healthcare pricing inefficiency and lack of transparency for all.

Toufic Boubez

Chief Product Officer

The opportunity to build a great product from scratch, with great technology, that also has a real profound impact on peoples lives! Win-win-win!

Virgil Bretz

Chief Executive Officer

I wake up every working day as a Healthcare Financial Professional inspired to do my part – shoulder to shoulder – with my MacroMates to make healthcare better.

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Our Board

Our Directors are an amazing collection of leaders with proven track records in both the Payer and Provider arenas.
Select any Director to find out why they believe in MacroHealth.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy is General Partner of NewSpring, a leading provider of private equity capital managing over $2.0 billion, and a Founding Partner of the Firm’s dedicated healthcare funds. Brian has over 30 years of entrepreneurial, general management, M&A, and private equity experience, with a strong background in business strategy, investment structuring, organizational growth, and M&A negotiation. Before joining NewSpring in 2002, Brian founded Acquisition Management Services, Inc., a diversified corporate development advisory firm focusing on middle-market companies, and Precyse Solutions, a provider of medical transcription and health information services.

Dawn Owens

Dawn Owens is the President of Tripletree Holdings, with broad responsibility across TT Capital Partners’ principal investing and TripleTree’s investment banking services. Dawn has more than 25 years of healthcare experience, including a national reputation as a dynamic leader who has led companies through various stages of growth, from turnaround to high-growth. Prior to joining Tripletree, Dawn served as CEO of OptumHealth, a multi-line UnitedHealth Group company. Under her leadership, OptumHealth became one of the nation’s largest and most respected health and well-being companies.

Michael Nill

Mike Nill served as an associate at Cerner Corporation for 23 years where he held several senior and executive-level leadership positions. Throughout his career, he managed and expanded many of Cerner’s technology organizations and served as Chief Engineering Officer, and Chief Operating Officer for the past 9 years. As the most senior operations executive for Cerner, Mike ensured Cerner met the operational and financial performance objectives for a $5.5B global business with 30,000 associates worldwide.

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy retired after 22 years as President and Chief Executive Officer of Sharp HealthCare in 2019. Sharp is a large integrated healthcare delivery organization and is San Diego’s largest private employer with over 18,000 employees and 3,000 physicians, and has annual revenues approaching $4 billion. Prior to joining Sharp 28 years ago, Mike was a partner with Deloitte and Touche and worked for over 12 years in the public accounting industry, with an emphasis on the healthcare industry.

Rob McCray


Robert B. McCray has served the healthcare industry as a lawyer, CEO, investor and investment banker. Mr. McCray is Chair Elect of the HIMSS Enterprise Board of Directors and member of the Boards of Directors of MacroHealth and Alliance Healthcare Foundation (past Board Chair).

Shaun Plotkin

Director, President of PlotkinHealth
Shaun Plotkin is the President of Plotkin Health, and a member of the Board of Directors of its parent company, MacroHealth. In 2017, Shaun was a co-founder of MacroHealth when Plotkin Health and VIDA Health were merged. Shaun began his career with Plotkin Health in 2007 after successfully completing a 3 year Law Degree in Melbourne, Australia.

Virgil Bretz

Director, CEO of MacroHealth
Virgil Bretz is a co-founder and CEO of MacroHealth. Prior to founding MacroHealth, he was a founder and Partner at VIDA Health Ltd, a health insurance and capital advisory firm that was merged into MacroHealth in 2017.



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