Identify optimal networks
and services

Identify optimal provider networks and health solutions partners for your member populations—and ultimately find solutions that measurably reduce costs.

Create solutions that are custom-fit for your members with Optimize To help you lower healthcare costs, achieve better margins and foster membership growth.

How it works

MacroHealth’s Network Optimization Analysis evaluates past and current solution performance to equip you with an unbiased view of the provider networks and healthcare services that bring the most value and best fit the needs of your specific member population.


Historical paid claims are processed, validated and repriced to ensure that personal health information (PHI), personal identifiable information (PII) and sensitive information are either de-identified or removed.


Using our repricing algorithms, database and third-party connections, your claims are repriced through the MiX platform across the universe of Health Market Partners that are part of the MiX ecosystem.

Optimize and Design

Machine learning and advanced analytics algorithms will use the repriced claims data from all of the Health Market Partners to develop a set of options for you to evaluate.


Apply various constraints or filters that are specific to your operation or change management requirements. Optimize will present the optimal solution recommendation, demonstrating the resulting financial outcomes.


MacroHealth’s data factory is connected to our interoperability and connectivity solution, Connect, to help you realize the savings identified in the Network Optimization Analysis.

Powerful, Flexible Analysis

The MacroHealth Intelligent ExchangeTM (MiX) platform makes it easy to optimize solutions broadly or granularly, such as by region or group plan, to meet your needs.

Generate all potential combinations and filter out the ones that don’t meet your business requirements to view and compare potential savings for each combination.

Customize Optimization Criteria
to Meet Your Business Needs

Granular filtering and logic capabilities ensure you’re not missing out on any potentials savings and selecting a new solution that will best meet your unique requirements

Optimize by Grouping
Claims by Multiple Attributes

Enhance healthcare platforms by optimizing claim processing through grouping claims based on multiple attributes, improving efficiency, accuracy, and resource allocation

Compare Multiple Network &
OON Combinations

Gain a clearer picture of past and current solution performance to identify partners that bring the most value and best fits the needs of your member population

Leverage Advanced Analytics & Data Science to Guide Business Decisions

Eliminate the need for manual data processing and spreadsheets with the MiX platform.

Systematically analyze and benchmark against data from multiple sources (including your own data, third parties, and vendor partners) to optimize your solutions for cost and quality objectives.


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Stay on top of your network’s performance

Use our comprehensive suite of filters and drill-downs to identify trends and take action to improve affordability.



Powerful capabilities that enable you to Innovate:

Data Factory

The Data Factory is a substantial data lake, which includes your data, 3rd party data, and MacroHealth data. This powers your ability to make actionable decisions and get in-depth reporting.

Standard Reporting and Dashboards

Streamline data visualization, promote consistency, enable data-driven decision-making, enhance communication, and simplify performance monitoring for improved efficiency and understanding.

Optimization Engine

Maximize efficiency, resource allocation, and decision-making, leading to cost reduction, increased productivity, and enhanced outcomes in various domains.

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